Birthday Parties

The wait is over it’s time for your special day. Believe it or not the DJ is going to make or break your Party. Your reputation is on the line. Do you want your friends to say “WOW I never had so much fun at a party”?

We think you want your friends to be jealous of how awesome your event was. We work hard to make sure your Sweet 16 is what everyone is going to be talking about long after. We have all the newest music you need and the clean versions the parents want. Whether it be rap, trap, hip hop, Spanish, house or dubstep we got you covered. Our setups always have the WOW effect when you walk in the room. Partying as a teenager and making a great impression on all your friends is very important to any teenager. Making sure their daughter is happy and having a great time is always the parents job. That is never more important then at you or your child’s own super sweet 16. If you are ready to have the time of your life and want to have all your friends talking about your party for years to come, then simply contact us and we can help you get started.